Comparing oh to other Unix shells

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Mon Nov 19 01:33:01 UTC 2018

> > I have communicated with the OpenGroup on a couple of topics and they
> > were prompt in getting back to me.
> Hmm, they're not getting back to me. I emailed OGPubs at,
> waited about two weeks, and sent a follow-up email but nothing.

Will look back in my old emails and will get you an email address to a
real person.

> I did find a PDF online containing IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (all
> four volumes in one file). Given the material, a 2008 version is
> probably just fine. Do you know how to turn such a PDF into four
> physical volumes at the university print shop, with a cover and
> a title on the spine?

I will inquire. I had done this for my thesis, exactly like that. What
may be a problem is if they ask me if the material is copyrighted, and
turn me away. This is possible, but we will find out.

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