C study buddy?

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Sat Nov 17 16:58:24 UTC 2018

Wow, Joe! This is really doing it for the art of the craft here.

I will go read your weblog post and comment on that next. But first some
thoughts in response to your effort.

I am the most proficient in C than in any other language I know, with C++
and Fortran coming second. I never thought of C as a language in which I would
dig deep like you are doing. I thought it was a language that met all my own
expectations and objectives; it has high level functions through the stdlib,
it has libraries that all have its bindings, it is low level enough and
high level enough, it has incredibly popular and all-encompassing constructs,
it is popular, it is portable... Unix is based on it. It is fantastic.

I am now proficient enough in it to be working on large software projects
that are exclusively based on it, I am focusing on software architecture
and the language comes naturally. Which brings me to the point about libraries.
The standard library I need to get to know a little better, because there are
many things that may be extremely beneficial to just use instead of having
to invent and program, but those tend to be few in my line of work. If anyone
wants to work on other libraries, like POSIX items (threads, etc), sockets,
multi-threading with OpenMP and the like, etc, let me know. I write everything
in C. I can share code, and I will offer some examples.

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