C study buddy?

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Sat Nov 17 04:35:55 UTC 2018

> > I wrote this article about various surprising architectures and
> > their C compilers

> I saw the post; lovely to stroll down memory lane! Well put together. :)

Thanks! It was built out of those notes I showed you at parkway pizza.

> > Would anyone like to pair program this with me on the frostbyte
> > server?

> Walking through exercises in the book, or on a specific project? I'm
> open to talking about projects/exercises and possible solutions
> anytime!

Working through the book. Each chapter covers a different header. The
chapters are all broken down into a similar pattern:

  The history behind the header, and the practices which were prevailing
  before it got standardized.
What the C Standard Says
  A relevant excerpt
Using <foo.h>
Implementing <foo.h>
Testing <foo.h>
  Books and further discussion

My idea was to do the exercises obviously but maybe to try doing the
implementation ourselves as well, knowing just the background and what
the standard says. Then compare our implementation to the one listed
in the book. That would probably help us better appreciate theirs.

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