C study buddy?

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Sat Nov 17 01:13:04 UTC 2018

Hey all, I'm learning C programming comprehensively in several
stages. The first stage was just the language itself and portability
concerns. I've finished most of the exercises in K&R, and also read
two books about portability. As a result of that, I wrote this
article about various surprising architectures and their C compilers:

The next stage is learning the ANSI standard library. I bought and
intend to read "The Standard C Library" by P. J. Plauger. He was part
of the design committee and discusses the motivation and choices behind
the library. The book walks you through actually writing the standard
library from scratch, and demonstrates subtle parts of the code. It also
demonstrates doing precision math.

Would anyone like to pair program this with me on the frostbyte server?

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