Usenet over ham radio?

Timothy J. Salo salo at
Mon Nov 12 20:20:28 UTC 2018

On 10/29/2018 10:56 PM, Joe Nelson wrote:
> Can you recommend a cheap dedicated hardware TNC, or a well-regarded
> software TNC? We would probably want to amplify the transmission at the
> gateway too -- what's a good amplifier that is compatible with the TNC?

I would look at soundcard modems, which use a PC soundcard to decode
packet radio.  There are a number of software packages out there, but
they come and go as people gain and lose interest.  One might Google
[soundcard modem] and try playing with the different packages,
probably starting with the free ones.

You might also want to build a soundcard modem that isolates your
PC from your radio.  There are a ton of circuits available.  I
assume the current Handbook has at least one circuit.

> Finally we'd want to put a UHF/VHF antenna on the roof at the Hack
> Factory. They already have a RF antenna up there, so they should
> be OK adding another. What do you think about the Comet GP-3?

I don't keep up on antennas enough to have a good opinion.

I have found that some antennas requires more precise tuning than
others.  I think that you want an omnidirectional antenna that
has as much gain (as you have height, perhaps), maybe covers
most or all of the 2M band without tuning, doesn't require
temperamental tuning, and is pretty weather resistant.  (I
assume that someone has enough test equipment to tune an
antenna, but if the antenna really needs to be tuned in situ,
that could be sort of a pain.)


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