harv 42dch42 at
Mon Nov 12 01:17:20 UTC 2018

Hello all,
Corresponded with Iznogood on tclug mailing list and he was kind enough
to point me towards this list.

Name: Harvey Dawes
Work: Industrial sheet metal and hvac fabricator/installer
Hobby: Poking and prodding under hood of operating systems mainly but
             really anything computer related that catches my interest.
             Meaning I am strictly an amateur.
History: Running various linux and *BSD flavors since 2003
Current: Using FreeBSD 11.2 with TrueOS (FreeBSD derivative) and
               TinyCore linux installed for when I break things beyond
               the point of being able to boot.

Don't know how much if any I'll be able to contribute but just scanning
list archives has already been educational for me.


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