Hack Factory Open House 11/7

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Thu Nov 8 06:12:01 UTC 2018

That was fun guys. Good to see everyone. The other person I was forgetting
was Paul, who lives a little farther away. What happened to him?

Also, I logged into our VPS and it appears to be running 6.4 now, but no httpd.

Sounds like Joe and Dave have failed me again. (Now picture them standing in
front of me, their necks are being constricted by an invisible "force," then
they drop dead, and I walk past them to report to the Emperor that I am taking
charge of the situation...) Will get you the solution tomorrow.

Looks like Erik has a login now. Nick and Sam will have to send SSH keys to
Dave. Nick, 'ssh-keygen --help' for the quick version. Make some trials and see
what happens. Clean up the ~/.ssh/ directory if things look strange and start
from scratch. When you are done, make use of those keys:

'cp .ssh/id_rsa .ssh/identity'
'cp .ssh/id_rsa.pub .ssh/authorized_keys'

You can concatenate as many public keys as you want to the authorized keys,
so that you can log in the system with multiple identities (should you have
any, which you appear to not have).

Send the "authorized_keys" to Dave and that will do it. Let him know what
login name you would like and if you want the "in real life" displayed with
your real name.

Talk later.

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