OpenBSD Upgrade GtG?

Joe Nelson joe at
Thu Nov 1 05:39:34 UTC 2018

> > Maybe one of you guys can handle providing the food this time?
> I can make that happen.

Thank you, appreciate it.

> Do you have any recommendations on where to get pizza

I used and liked it OK.

> and how much to get?

The tricky step is to estimate how many people will attend, and that's
why I always send out an email to ask. It's a little simpler now that
our group is smaller because you can count on a "yes" RSVP more than you
could on

Next, take your estimate and plug it into the amazing pizza calculator:
That site has turned it into a bit of a science, even helping determine
what toppings to get. It asks you what size of pizzas to calculate, and
for reference I always ordered the large size for our past meetings.

For beverages I think it's fun to have beer at an event like this, but
it's a good idea to provide bottled water as well for people who aren't
into the beer thing. I don't know how good the tap water is in the hack
factory, it has always seemed a bit industrial to me, hence the bottled

I can bring paper plates and napkins.

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