Begriffs Group Discussion

Hi, friends. This is a group discussion email list that we use to coordinate in-person meetups and set up remote programming. Feel free to join and introduce yourself to the group.

1. Subscribe to the list

This email list accepts mail from subscribers only. To sign up, send an email to with the subject "subscribe". Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to everyone by writing to

The web archive preserves all messages to the list. This provides a way to link to other email threads, or review messages sent prior to your subscription. The archives provide each month's messages in the mbox format as well, for import into your mail client.

2. List etiquette

If you haven't participated in mailing lists much, here's a refresher to make the experience better for everyone. Remember that people use different clients to read mail, and we want to format the messages to look good everywhere.

3. (optional) Send messages to custom mail folder

By correctly configuring your mail client or webmail account, you can group all the messages from this list into their own folder. This keeps them from mixing with the items in your regular inbox.

To do this, first create a folder and then set up a filter to move ipncoming messages into the folder when they either come from, or are CC'd to, the list. Make the following filter rule with an OR condition:

Some mail applications use the terms "tag" and "rule" rather than "folder" and "filter." Click the sections below to learn how to configure specific mail applications.
  • How to Create a folder
  • I don't know how to make a filter, contact their support
Outlook / Hotmail
  • How to Create a filter
  • Not sure how to make the destination folder, maybe you can do it during the filter creation.